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Size : 220(W) x 380(H) x 600(D)
Weight : 30 Kg
MAX Magnetic Force : more than 15,000 Gauss
Certification : Security Suitability of the National Intelligence Service
Degausser Type : Permanent Magnet
Emergence Measure(Power Failure) : Possible
Operation Type : Manual Type
1 Cycling time (degauss) : Within 10 sec (manual)
Processing media size limits : None
Duty Cycle : Sequence
Degauss Indicating Funtion : Adopted (degauss confirming Stamp adopted) [Holds a patent]
Degaussed Volume Confirmable : Adopted (Count Meter adopted)
Remove the need for guide : No need to (Variable cradle adopted) [Holds a patent]
Breakage protectionn Function
& Failure protection Function
: Have
Amount of concurrent operations : 2 EA (3.5 Inch HDD Case)
How to move : Carrier
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